Enjoy a kayak adventure with another friend of family member and enjoy the view of everything below you.

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Transparent Floor Tandem Kayak

  • Two 1pc paddles with semi-transparent blades
  • Two deluxe cushion seats
  • Dry storage hatch with hinged plastic cover
  • Four trailing fishing rods inserts
  • Bungee tie down over generous storage space
  • Built-in carry handles fore and aft
  • Paddle park tie downs
  • Drain plug

Aqua Blue, Blue, Blue White (Fade), Blue White (Fade) Black Swirl Blend, Blue White Black Swirl Blend, Blue White Granite Blend, Blue White Swirl Blend, Dark Green, Green (aka "Kiwi Green"), Green Red Black Swirl Blend, Green Sand Black Swirl Blend (aka "Camo"), Green White (Fade) Black Swirl Blend, Green White Swirl Blend, Green Yellow Red Swirl Blend, Orange Red Black Swirl Blend, Orange Yellow (Fade), Pink White Swirl Blend, Purple, Red, Red Black Swirl Blend, Red Sand Black Swirl Blend, Red White (Fade) Black Swirl Blend, Red White Black Swirl Blend, Red White Swirl Blend, Sand, White Black Granite Blend, White Black Swirl Blend, White Sand Black Swirl Blend (aka "Urban Camo"), Yellow, Yellow Blue (Fade), Yellow Green (Fade), Yellow Red Swirl Blend


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