TR15-GLV-RT Two Level Tree & 59″ Centre Mast


Galvanized welded steel frame construction with retractable tongue and bumpers for vertical storage indoors or out. Comes equipped with two sets of adjustable 60″ heavy steel crossbars with slip resistant rubber strips and a 60″ center mast.

  • Fully galvanized welded steel frame;
  • Two sets of 60″ Heavy Duty Galvanized Crossbars with Slip Resistant Rubber Strips;
  • Submersible LED Lighting w/4-PIN Flat Connector;
  • Retractable tongue for vertical indoor storage [15’ overall with tongue extended; 9’ retracted];
  • Rubber bumpers for slip resistant vertical storage;
  • Leaf spring suspension with PTFE sleeve;
  • ABS impact resistant black plastic fenders
  • 4.80X12 galvanized wheels;
  • Safety chains with S-hook spring safety tabs;
  • 2” coupler with safety pin;
  • Transport Canada approved
  • One Year Coupler to Bumper Warranty


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